Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Pyjama bottoms and other stuff...

Here are my new camping/sleepover pyjama bottoms.  I am sick and tired of never finding pyjamas in a longer length.  Surely I can't be the only person with this problem?  Anyway I made some of my own!  They aren't great but they are warm and comfy.  I have plans for a top to follow so I will be even warmer and snugglier in bed, but that's possibly a project for another day...

I'm feeling too lazy to change clothes and model today, sorry...
These are made out of the same stretchy fabric as the dress I made a short while ago and trimmed with the left over blue ribbon.  The waist is simple elastic and that's about all as can be said about them really.  They are amazingly comfy and huge and the bottom hem skims the floor so all in all I'm happy!

A close up of the hems, which I had to take up twice!

In other news, anyone want to venture a guess as to what costume this is going to be?

Yes I'm disturbed by it as well.  Share my pain! :P
I may have less frequent posts as the run up to Christmas begins, as obviously I can't really post pictures of what I'm making people because it'd give the game away.  However I've got some stuff saved up that I haven't shown you all yet and I'll probably make stuff for me or kit and stuff so there will be some things, but yeah...  Basically advanced apologies if I go a bit quiet!

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