Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Running close to deadline...

Very quick post today, as I need to be sewing really!  I'm halfway through making a frock coat, which needs to be completed tomorrow night...

But in the meantime whilst I had free time on Saturday night (the frock coat needing a fitting before I could go any further at that point) I made this -

I love this fabric so much!
The white fabric was given to me in a fabric swap by my lovely friend Abi, and the lining was already cut out from an earlier failed attempt to make this cloak in another fabric.  The trim is loveliness itself and such a bargain at 35p a metre!  I'm not admitting to having bought another 10 metres of it today though, oh no! 

This is me with the hood down :)

Right, back to the sewing machine, hopefully I'll have a fab coat to show off in Thursdays post!

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