Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sword Tidy

So, everyone has seen the hanging thingies the traders use to display weapons right?  At kit fairs and the like...

I have been worried about my weapons storage for a while, as I don't like leaning them up against the wall. So when I moved all my larp gear into the garage I took the time to make a 'sword tidy' of my very own.

 It's made of purple poly cotton, mainly because that was the first piece of fabric big enough to leap out of the horde. 

I measured where it was going to hang in the garage, then cut the fabric to size.  I trimmed the leftovers into for long strips.

The next step was to over lock every edge!  I'm far too lazy to change the over locker thread for something that's living in my garage, so as you can see it's all edged in white!

From then I made a simple loop at the top for the bamboo pole and then stitched the strips done at appropriate points.  The whole thing took maybe an hour to make?  And that includes measuring time...

 And here it is in all it's glory!  Now all my swords are neat and tidy and out of the way!

There is one problem though...  Since I made this I have acquired more weaponry.  So I need another tidy!  Oops?

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