Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Children's Kit

Once again I have been making mini kit for mini people.  Mostly to use up odds and ends of fabric and because the mini people I look after begged me to and I'm a softie when it comes to adoring 3 years olds who believe I am capable of doing anything.

The first up is a purple cloak.  For those of you thinking it looks like the last one I made, well, there's a reason for that.  It's more or less identical!  I liked the last one so much I thought another wouldn't hurt.  And it's been well recieved so I guess I was right there.  Purple corduroy and made from joining a hood and a semicircle. 

 This is a tiny frock coat.  I drafted the pattern myself.  The children haven't been overly impressed by the 'pirate' coat as they have called it, but it's the piece that has the most squeals from all the adults.  Blue corduroy with white taffeta lapels, white brodie anglaise cuff frills and silver plastic buttons.  It does up at the front, but I'm never expecting anyone to want to be buttoned into it.

This duck costume is the most popular.  In fact 'Mister Duck' came to visit me yesterday and we had a long and very interesting conversation about doing the shopping and dropping the kids off at nursery.  I played the part of the mummy duck and I was informed I did a good job.  My mini people say the cutest stuff!

The costume is made of white cotton drill.  It's a tabbard, with a hood that I appliqued fleece eyes onto and added a beak like peak to.  It then has an oval on the back that has strips of elastic little hands can be fed into to make flappy wings.  A definite hit this one and watch out for adult sizes potentially happening in the future...

This last one is a little different as it formed part of a goodbye present to some very good friends of mine who are shortly off on a big adventure.  The mini person here solemnly informed me that they would like to be a dinosaur some weeks ago. A bit of thought later and I came up with this.  It's a simple fleece jumper but the back of the jumper and the hoodie have had fleece spikes sandwiched in the centre seams.  I then added a tail complete with spikes.  The end result fits perfectly and is very popular. It has been worn a lot and the tail in particular is adored.

Ok, I need to swap laptop for sewing machine right now as it's the start of the new campaign on Sunday and my newest character currently has no clothes!  I hope to be back next week with a few other made pressies and obviously my new kit to show off!

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