Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Scout Coat

Yes, it's that time of year again!  The start of our  new campaign!  This year I am playing an elven scout.  She's part of our military (the defenders, specifically the pathfinders) and a wild elf from the tribe of the Perdii.  She's also lots of fun!

Pathfinders do lots of crawling through grass and stuff so I wanted nice warm kit that will keep me dry.  It also needs to be vaguely camouflaged so I'm not too visible.
 So, clearly this was the right year to make a quilted coat!  Each panel was cut out of an old woollen blanket, then I laid green and brown scraps on top until I'd covered the panel.  I then trimmed around the edges, pinned it all in place and machine freehand quilted it, using a green and brown variegated thread.

At a guess this took around 4 hours per panel.  Some of them are patched on both sides, but mostly they have a plain cotton lining.


 In total I think the coat took 50 hours to make and it's not entirely finished yet.  I've blanket stitched the sleeve cuffs and I'd like to blanket stitch around the hood and down the front openings but that will take me a while and in the meantime I have other more urgent makes to do!

Oh and if you think the pattern looks familiar, well you guessed right!  It's good old Butterick 5425 again.  Much easier to sew without a lining...!
I was inspired by the awesome Xanthipe's coat which in our club is affectionately known as 'hobo coat' and grants the wearer invisibility in the woods.  As I managed to make some one jump on sunday because they hadn't seen me I'm hoping my coat too will grant me sneaky powers of sneaking!

Anyhow, I need to go attend to all my neglected chores.  Back on Thursday with the other bits of kit that have been used for this years campaign so far!

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