Thursday, 27 June 2013

Scout Kit for Summer

Summer scout kit is big and clever as it means you don't boil alive when you're usual scout kit is a coat so warm you can go bare armed underneath it in winter!

I didn't have time or inclination to start from scratch though so I took this jacket, cut the sleeves off, took the lining out and covered it in patches.  Then I reattached the (now patched sleeves) and add the needed secret pocket, fastenings of and a cue pixie hood.  Because pixie hoods are awesome!

Above are the photos we took on the Saturday morning of the 36hr.  In case you are thinking silly Luthaisea, that isn't good camouflage it shows your extremely pale arms, well, below is a picture of me in action later in the day :)

As you can see I wear fur armour.  This is usually hidden under my coat, but I decided it was too hot to have multiple layers on my arms and I'm so glad I decided that!

Anyway, see you next week when I will have a house warming gift to share!

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