Monday, 3 June 2013

Odds and Ends

Well, I've stalled on my latest project (a black velvet bodice, more on that another time) and my next thing (patched summer kit for Eirlys) is only just getting under way. So today I have dug out some old photos of things that for whatever reason I didn't share when I made them.

This is a 'taggie' blanket I made for my adorable baby cousin when he was born.  I have since made another one for another friends baby, but I forgot to photograph it before I packed it up and posted it!

This is a little picture I gave to some friends who moved to America.  I hope they are well settled now!  I think about them often and miss them lots.

And this is a quick patchwork blanket I ran up for work.  I meant it to be baby cot sized, but it ended up a fair bit bigger.  However it does sterling work as a den curtain, a magic carpet, a container of treasure and occasionally just as a blanket to snuggle in and read books under!

Right - I am heading off to pin patches again.  I shall show you all my hand sewn buttons on Thursday.  They are very cool!

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