Monday, 2 September 2013

Kit Storage

So, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have way too much kit and recently it's been taking over the house.  Now the deal with my kit is that it's all supposed to be stored in the garage so clearly, something had to be done!

I picked random fabrics from my stash and ran up a lot of drawstring laundry bags.  They don't match in colour, the threads don't match and the drawstrings are not colour co-ordinated but I don't care.  They will never been seen by anyone but me (and anyone reading, but you can keep a secret, right?).

I didn't take individual photos but here they are being piled up ready for more boxes.  I acquired these boxes from the box fairy who found me on the way to the shop to buy boxes. I now have a garage with 6 or so 80 litre boxes full of kit...

Each character now has their own bag for kit so I can find each of them with ease.  The theory being I can see who I'm playing, go and collect the bag from the garage and then when the kit's been washed after the game I can just return it.

Sadly I have turfed up some more kit so I think I need more boxes...  Where do I leave offerings for the box fairy do you think?

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