Monday, 2 December 2013

Knitting again!

Well, I had scraps of yarn to use up...  First up, I decided to knit some bows, some of which will be used as presents and others I will have for hair bands.

An in progress view!

 At this point I decided I would like to knit a flower so I did a ravelry pattern search.  And found this.  Only I don't really like wearing headbands, so who would be a good recipient of such a thing?

Ah yes, one small sort of niece should do the job nicely! Doesn't she look sweet?  And after all, what is the job of an auntie (related or not) if not to shower nieces and nephews with presents?

It was a very quick knit, even by my notoriously slow knitting speeds.  The flower was a little tricky, but other than that it was super easy.

 And yes, yes I am showering you with pictures of Miss Small Bean.  No, I don't care that this is meant to be a blog about larp kit!

She informs me on a regular basis that I have extremely tasty fingers and thumbs....

On Thursday we'll be back to larp kit for a little while, promise!


  1. She looks very thoughtful when she's nibbling your finger. :-)

    1. I think I confused her - she prefers my thumb as a general rule!


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