Thursday, 5 November 2015

Kit Bag

I will get back to Ossia, I promise I've not forgotten her accessories!  However, neither have I had time to take pictures, so for now have a look at one of the bag kits I got at the kit fair and have made up!

I got Louisa's Bag from Craft and Cotton, in kit form.  I couldn't see it as a kit on their website, but they have a lovely range of other bags, or you could buy the pattern and the frame and use your own fabric I guess.

I found the pattern a reasonable one to follow, though it felt like it was written from a quilters point of view, rather than a dressmakers, if that makes sense?

Still, I got through it with ease!  I did find sewing the frame in place a bit fiddly, but nothing too bad.  It took an evening and an afternoon for me to assemble the bag and I've been using it as a handbag ever since.  I love it!  The only thing I might change if I make it again would be to do a cross body strap.

The photos were taken on a night out hence the slight blurriness but I hope you can see how nicely it sits on my shoulder.  All in all, I really like this bag and I'd definitely consider another kit from Craft and Cotton.

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