Thursday, 7 April 2016

Green Quilt!

I made this for my parents to use as a throw for their bed,  It's huge.  Stupidly huge - I am never making a 3 metre square quilt again!

It's made in greens to match their bedroom redecoration and edged and bound with their curtain fabric (my mum made the curtains and gave me the leftovers for this reason!).

There are nineteen rows of nineteen squares, each surrounded by sashing.  Then there is a border of the sashing fabric and another border of curtain fabric.

It's hand tied (every square has for knots in it) and it took forever!  Mum and I shopped for the fabric in September 2014.  I then stitched the top together in between other projects.  Last August I went to my parents for the weekend so I could lay it out and pin it to the backing and wadding (because I don't have any large enough rooms in my house!).

The squares are diagonal and I love the way it looks!  I will confess not all the lines meet up (bad seamstress) but it was so huge and unwieldy I'm afraid I slightly gave up caring...

I then spent from November til the end of February hand tieing it.  I watched a lot of live at the apollo and call the midwife re-runs!  The reason it's not been on the blog til now is I only delivered it at Easter and since then I've not had time to write it up!

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