Monday, 4 April 2016


I didn't mean to disappear from blogland!  I have just been madly busy and neglecting to write up projects when I've finished them, bad Luthaisea!

Still, I have a gambeson, a quilt and a coat to show off, so there will be posts for at least this week!

Today though, have some photos of a framed embroidery I made Katy for her birthday!

Yep, I found a tardis pattern!  It was mostly a simple sew, but the teeny tiny writing was really tricky.  The pattern can be found here.

I used white linen, blue stranded embroidery cotton and black ordinary sewing thread to make this.  I'm a bit sad about how my lines ended up wonky, but I think overall it just adds charm, right?

Mr Kit was dispatched for a frame, picked this one and helped me frame it, so it was a joint gift from us!

On Thursday, I'm going to show you a quilt I've been working on for about 18 months!

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