Monday, 25 July 2016

First Birthday Present - Party Dress

Tiny Bean has been around for over a year now!  She's growing super fast (all the pseudo nieces are), and so I've made this a bit big in the hopes she can grow into it!

 For the eagle eyed amongst you, why yes that is the Cottage Mama party dress pattern I used for Lizard's Baptism Outfit.  It's such a nice pattern to sew, I might have decided all of them will be getting one!  (I plan to ask Small Bean what colour she'd like as these days she's old enough to have an opinion and Starbug, well I have plans for hers as well, watch this space!).

The buttons are gold roses and the button loops are a scrap of purple ribbon.  It's made of satin dupion and lined in linen.  I'd love to say that's because I wanted a luxury feel for this dress, but it's actually because I had white and purple linen in the right amounts to use up!

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  1. Super cute party dress. I just love the color. My daughter’s first birthday is coming and for her birthday I would like to sew such a dress. From an online portal I recently booked one of the most spacious NYC venues for this bash. Hopefully it will be a successful first birthday bash.


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