Thursday, 1 September 2016

Monster Kit

Goodness me, it has been vile at larp these last few weeks.  Rainy and warm, creating a muggy outside that's stupidly energy sapping.  Thing is, being in Britain my larp gear is mostly made to be warm, so I have felt like I was melting!  Something had to be done!

So I acquired some black t-shirting and set about working on something out with the aid of my beloved Alabama Chanin book (one day I'll get the other Alabama Chanin books...)

Tadaa!  Here is my new super simple t-shirt dress.  It's the shift dress skirt added to the t-shirt top.  I used the cap sleeves and made the neckhole slightly larger than usual.

 It doesn't have pockets, because I couldn't figure any out that didn't look really silly (which makes me very sad).  It was also originally longer, but I didn't like the length so I hacked it shorter and I'm really pleased I did!

 Please excuse my hair, these photos were taken as I was getting ready for larp and I hadn't quite realised how messy it looked!

Having worn this dress larping all day I'm thrilled with it!  lightweight and comfy it meant I didn't overheat (well not more than could be helped anyway)!

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