Monday, 17 October 2016

Introducing Aurora

I NPC'd our High Level 36 Hour larp this year and played 'the good guy' plot dumping NPC.

My sister and I were opposing each other and so thematically we went for that age old look - dark and light!

We each made a  Simplicity 4940.  I used cream cotton, gold ric-rac and a gold sequin star.  We cut it to the knees at the front but let it hang to our ankles at the back.

We also added a lace trim to the collar.  Incidentally, if you make this dress, interface the collar!  it doesn't really stand up if you don't.

As you can see, my 'sister' was a bit grumpier than me!

 Her dress was black cotton with silver ric-rac, a black sequin star and adorable skull and cross bones ribbon in the sleeve.

Here we are demonstrating why the monster crew should never be left unattended! 

Just so you all know, i'm moving house this week, so apologies if I go silent for a while!

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