Monday, 3 October 2016

Project Project Project

So, way back when, for my birthday party, I decided (with barely a fortnight to go if I recall correctly), that a really fun idea would be to dress all the pseudo-nieces in the same dress and take a group photo of them.  And then I decided I should also have a matching dress.  Because apparently I don't like sleep...

Anyway, I got all the dresses sewn and we had a great time trying to convince the four of them to pose for photos!

And here we all are!  The children were very bemused as to why they were made to sit on the sofa and stare at all the adults on the other side of the room encouraging them to sit still and smile!

As you can see, the girls fit a range of sizes, from Small Bean here (who's growing so fast!)  all the way down to Starbug below

So I picked this pattern, which has a great range of sizes! And even better, is a nice easy sew.

I customized the girls dresses with different buttons and trim.  My dress trim matches Starbug's, purely because I have loads of blue ricrac....

 The dresses also each have a different colour lining.  If I remember correctly, Small Beans is green, Tiny Bean's is mint. Lizard's is blue and Starbug and I have cream (Starbug's dress took next to no fabric as she's so diddy!).

The girls enjoyed the veg sticks from the buffet a lot!  and Lizard is customizing her dress here in a gorgeous cardie that Ruthwhoisnotablogger made for her.

My dress is a mix and match of two simplicity patterns, largely because I couldn't get one bodice to work, so I switched it out for one that I knew fitted as I was running very short on time by that point!

The dresses all fitted, more or less, which is a huge relief  because I may not have measured anyone before I sewed them!  This may in part be because I slightly surprised the parents of my pseudo nieces by only telling them of the plan a couple of days before...

I'm also pleased to say the dresses did not seem to impede crawling, an important note for those wanting to sew for small people.

Starbug was unimpressed by the noise, meaning I had to give her extra cuddles to comfort her.  Such a hard life...

Lizard sat beautifully quietly in the corner so once we'd let the Beans head back to the important business of playing,  we snuggled up for a quick smallest pseudo-nieces cuddle.

It was a lovely experiment and I'm very glad to have friends so willing to allow my to use their children as tiny dress up dolls!  Also, many thanks to Lizard's Mama for taking all these wonderful photos for me!

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