Monday, 5 December 2016

New T-shirt and Skirt - Quick Projects For My Work Wardrobe

It's taken a while to post about these, but to be fair it's taken longer to find time to make them!

Ages a go a ripped a pair of jeans which instantly got put aside for a skirt and just recently all my t-shirts seem to have died, so I need some more for work!

The t-shirt is my beloved Alabama Chanin modified pattern made of some super lovely fabric I got in Germany.  For the skirt, I added gores at various points to make it a-line.

 It's a different style of skirt to what I usually wear, but I'm liking it!  The extra fabric is printed denim that I got at the Knitting and Stitching Show this year.

And behind my is my swanky new dresser!  Get used to seeing it because I think it could become my new photo posing place!  Also please excuse my slightly messy look - these photo's were snapped quickly, in between cooking by my obliging beloved for me and I didn't so much as have time to run a brush through my hair, but I wanted to have something to show you all...

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