Monday, 12 December 2016

Not Sewing!

My sewing time seems more limited recently and what time I have is devoted to madly stitching for Christmas, so no new projects to show off.  However, I now live in what could pass for the countryside and a couple of weeks ago a friend came to visit and we went exploring along the canal, so why don't you enjoy a few pics from that whilst I go back to sewing? Hopefully I'll find time for a project I can share next week!

We found Shetland Ponies!
Beautiful boats!
Check out this crane!  I was fascinated by it!
A pretty bridge
The canal looking peaceful.
Is this a weir?

Another glimpse of the canal!

We were very lucky with the weather, but I am so pleased to have moved somewhere I can mooch along the canal when I'd like to get away from town for a little while!

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