Monday, 13 December 2010

Back on track?

Well...  Maybe!  I've borrowed a card reader off Sam so I can at least move pics from the camera to the computer again.  Now, what have I been up to since I more or less disappeared?  Well it's not been a great time for crafting.  My car's been smashed into (fortunately we do have their details, unfortunately it's still a major hassle I could really have done without) and my great uncle has died.  Added to that I've had the usual social whirl that accompanies this time of year making for a very busy Luthaisea!

I don't know how many of you remember but in September I headed up to London and made these and the other day I got around to making a dress to go with the black and white one.

I really like this lace...
It's a vogue pattern and whilst it doesn't look quite like the picture on the pattern envelope I do quite like it.  That said it was a very boring and stressful sew.  If I go to another Fan Makers occasion convention not withstanding I plan to make a more period feel dress.  They're more fun to make and I think they flatter me more.

The back view...
That said, the fabrics (taffeta and lace)  are lovely and I only melted the smallest amount of lace onto my iron...  Plus the advantage of making your own dress is you can make sure it hides your bra...

Anyway, it looks nice (I think), many people were impressed with my skills (no-one else in the room could say they'd made their gown to match their fan...) and I had a lovely evening and met interesting people.

And finally a photo of us all looking dressed up and pretty!
See how well my dress matches my fan?  I was quite pleased with that.  Also, see where I get my sewing skills from... My mum made her outfit and my sisters dress!

I also made some hair clips to match my dress, but I totally failed to get a picture of my hair do so I'll try and photograph them another day.  Not sure if there'll be any more blog this week, it depends how well I do with my Christmas crafting and whether I have a chance to do something with the metres of embroidered taffeta I picked up the other day...

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