Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sewing buzz

I've had a super sewing day today!

I've mended the blue dress I made here as the ribbon ties had frayed a little.  Then I decided that my knitting needles probably needed a better home than the plastic bag they used to reside in.  So I made a knitting needle roll thingy.

I think it's turned out quite nicely
I made it out of some scrap fabric I had around the place and a strip of bias binding I bought originally for a friends present, but I changed my mind about which binding to use so had this stripey stuff spare.

All the knitting needles that are currently free can now be tidy!
I have quite a lot of the blue poly cotton left, but the white which I used to line it is almost all gone.  Just enough for a couple of squares of patchwork, which is going to be happening some point soon I think.

As by this point I was in the mood for finishing projects I thought I may as well crack on and make the pyjama top to go with the bottoms I made a month or so ago

I admit, it's not the most exciting thing I've ever sewn...
Once I found the left over blue fabric I modelled the design on my favourite t-shirt nightie but I made the skirt a little more flared and I gave it long sleeves from the blue dress pattern

I will never be cold again!
So yes...  Quite a busy sewing day for me really.  Tomorrow I think a new patchwork blanket will be started and of course I need to spend some time deciding on my new years resolutions.  Anyone else have any sewing/craft related resolutions?  I think I'm going to post mine here to encourage me to stick to them!

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