Thursday, 3 May 2012

Continuing With The Letter S

Spats!  I've wanted spats for a long time now (don't ask why, I don't know!)  So the other day with a handy tutorial (Threadbanger) and some army blanket scraps off I went.  3 hours later and I had these!

I love them!  Though sadly I do have one slight problem.  As you can probably see from the photos, my beloved red boots are dying a death and soon will be completely unwearable.  So I'll have to buy new boots to fit the spats I think...

I also ran up a quick shield cover.  It's not hugely exciting, but it does now mean my shield can be used for other characters than Earldom ones!

And the last thing I have to show is a scarf.  I am not good at knitting.  I lack both the patience to get to grips with things I don't immediately get and the motivation to keep slogging away at things that don't grow fast enough.  So although I want to be a knitter, I don't get very far with it.  However, I was asked by the small person to make her a scarf and I'm so thrilled she wants me to make her stuff I couldn't say no.  So a mere 18 months or so later here's her scarf (don't look too closely, there's loads of mistakes).

 So there we go!  A week of things beginning with 's'!  I've finished my new coat today and I'm hoping to get photo's at the weekend, so that should be what's here on Monday.  Have a lovely weekend!

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