Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Small Steampunk Coat

So, remember the Mini-Rainbow Coat?  Well, in the way that babies do, Small Bean has out grown it.  But has also taken a dislike to being put in her snowsuit.  So it was clearly a good time for a new coat!

I had some green Cthulu hoodie scraps and without any real plan I started cutting and sewing.  We decided on a hood and a slightly more streamlined look.  I gave free reign to my creativity and we ended up with this!

 I feel it has a slight steampunk vibe, with it's military style buttons and little bronze butterfly applique.

I used a decorative hem stitch, mostly because I only had variegated green quilting thread to hand so I thought as it was going to be visible anyway, it might as well be pretty!

I'm well aware she doesn't need a pocket (you really need to be able to use your hands reliably before a pocket is a necessity) but it looked too sweet to leave off!

Apologies for the blurriness of this back view, Small Bean is a very wriggly child and was getting bored of Mummy and Aunty Luthaisea taking photos.

And this is the look we got that signalled her willingness to model for the day was well and truly over!


Thank-you for dropping by!