Monday, 17 February 2014

Cushion No.1 - The Cath Kidston One!

Warning - this post contains pink!

I didn't write about them at the time, but I did make some sewing New Years Resolutions.

1.  Reduce the wip pile
2. Make everything the very best I can
3. Reduce the fabric stash!

So this week I have 2 cushions to show.  Today has been a work in progress since Dec 2011 when I was given the kit as a present!

I was brand new to crochet then and my lovely lodger of the time thought this would help me hone my skills.  I eagerly set to work running up the little squares for the front, finished them all and stopped.  I think sewing of some sort happened.

It languished, unloved, for a year or so until I decided to work on the back panel.  That happened in dribs and drabs and was eventually done, but the thought of sewing it all up was far too scary!  So back into the rather pretty tin it went.

Until this New Year, when filled with zeal and a desire to finish something I pulled it off the shelf and got to work.  I stitched all the little squares together, then started going round the edges joining front and back together.

There was a short pause whilst I ordered a cushion pad off the internet and ran up a basic cover out of green satin scraps.

And then finally, in an evening I finished it!  Managing all 3 of my crafty resolutions in one.  A finished wip, using up some fabric from the stash and very definitely made to the very best of my ability!

See you on Thursday with my other new cushion!

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