Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pay It Forward

Pay it forward went round facebook a while ago and as I enjoy participating, I gave it ago.  I had 2 responses and here's what I made them!

This is a knitting needle roll, made to my own design in purple satin dupion (with the matt side showing) and lined with a white quilting weight cotton.  It's trimmed with white satin bias binding and a purple ribbon tie.

It has gone to it's new home in London and seems to have been well received!

The next gift hasn't travelled nearly as far! 

This is a tiny knitted pouch.  The pattern is from the book '30 minute knits' but I have to confess it took me a lot longer than 30 minutes!  I am a very slow knitter it would seem.

 The embroidery on the front is a free handed Queen Anne's Lace and I trimmed it with a snippet of gold ribbon that matched the embroidery.

As this blog might show, I really do enjoy giving homemade gifts!

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