Thursday, 6 March 2014


Normally I don't post works in progress on here, but as I have been working more in the garden than on the sewing machine I currently don't have anything finished to show!

So instead I'm going to list my various half finished projects I want to get finished off this year.  First up we have my newest wip!

This is my first attempt at a knitted garment for me.  OK, it's something of a cheat because it's a shrug, so shaping and what not are not involved.  That said, the knitting is challenging me enough that I don't feel bad about it!  I'm aiming to have it done before September so I can wear it to some of the (many) weddings I have been invited to.

Next up is my stash busting chunky crochet granny square blanket.  Not in the least elegant this is designed to get ready of all my cheap acrylic yarn and be a cosy camping blanket.  Hit a small snag when I ran out of yarn before I was done crocheting so now it's being worked on as I buy one ball of yarn at a time, finish that completely and consider if I want it bigger.

 Moving on to fabric endeavours, we have my beading project.  This is basically to remind myself why I do not add beading as decoration to clothing!  It's fiddly, time consuming, expensive in terms of beads and currently stalled due to a lack of needle threader, because I am a numpty who forgot to buy one in town when I was there last...

I do think it's pretty though and I have plans to hang it on the wall when I'm done, as a visible reminder about beading!

Last and not least some embroidery.  This is a cotton lawn shawl with the start of a white work embroidery pattern on it.  Has been stalled for a while, partly due to physically not being up to the job last year and partly due to having come to the conclusion I prefer embroidering in colour.

As with the beading though, I think this will be stunning when done, so I need to settle in, probably in front of the TV at some point and really get my stitch on!

Anyhow, that's what's physically in the to do pile.  Next week I have a birthday present to show and maybe a doublet as well!

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