Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sewing Roll

Oops, sorry about Monday's lack of post, I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug and most of my efforts have been in that area!

However, a few weeks ago I ran up a present for my friend Katy for her birthday!  I made her one of my sewing rolls. 

The outside is in her favourite colours and all lacy and pretty, with the very last of my special ceramic buttons on it.

 I've loved using these buttons so much and I can't wait to get more!

The inside is monkeys!  And useful pockets and pouches and felt for putting needles in and a ribbon to tie bobbins and safety pins (and anything else she might need) to.

The pegs are to wind small amounts of thread around, so that she can take the colours she needs with her easily.

I used one of my pretty hem stitches throughout the inside and some small pearly white buttons finished everything neatly.

Next week I'll show you my Mother's Day gift :)

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