Monday, 5 May 2014

Another New Frock

Mostly just because!  I had the fabric, I had the pattern...  It seemed like a plan so I went for it.  As per usual I have discovered that I don't work well without a deadline, so it's taken me a while to sew, but I'm reasonably pleased with the results so I don't mind too much!

The pattern is Vogue 8785.  It was a Christmas present from my little sister a few years ago.  Mostly because I do like dramas set in war time/1940-50's but they do bring out dress hankering.  I wanted a shirtwaist dress!  I did try to make one to a different pattern, but it was an abysmal failure, so we won't talk about that...

The fabric is a floral print babycord that I picked up last time I was in The Cheap Shop in Tiptree (Essex).  If you are ever near Tiptree you should really go to the Cheap Shop, but be prepared to give them all your money, as they sell every wonderful craft thing you could ever imagine!

I did alter the sleeve length as I felt that the 3/4 length just looks like I couldn't be bothered to make the sleeves long enough for my arms.

The buttons came from my stash (incidentally, button choice was limited due to the fact that most of my button sets only have 6 buttons and I needed 7).  They're plastic but as this isn't kit I am happy enough with them.

I did also do some last minute resizing, due to the fact that it looked like a sack on me when I first tried it on.  However, 1 cm off all bodice seams and you can see my waist again, so I'm much happier with it now!

Vogue 8785

 All in all, I'm quite pleased with this and I plan to mostly use it for volunteering at my local charity shop and summer days when I want a skirt but don't want to feel overly dressy.  Come back on Thursday for a special collaborative post I've taken part in!

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