Monday, 12 May 2014

Random Owl!

I felt like making something the other day, and my eye fell on the copies of Sew magazine that are currently at my house.  I am really enjoying this magazine and the fact it comes with a free pattern is nice as well! 

Anyhow, one of the free patterns is a toy pattern and somehow or another, this little chap came into being...

Isn't he cute?!  I thought about taking him to work, for the small people, but I'm not sure I can bear to part with him, so he may end up living here, for Small Bean to play with when she comes round.  

He's got a velvet body and wings, linen legs, poly cotton eyes and a satin dupion beak, all scraps dug out of the stash pile.

He was a very quick make (maybe a total of 2 1/2 hours, though I kept getting distracted).

The trickiest part of him was turning him the right way out and even that wasn't hard.  The pattern has more animals, so as soon as I get more toy stuffing I foresee his friends being made to join him...

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