Monday, 19 May 2014

Project Bag

I've been meaning to make a bag to pop into my handbag and contain my knitting for a while now, but I haven't had the 'right' fabric handy.  Likewise I've not wanted to buy any because really, I have plenty of fabric I could use.

So, last weekend I had a brainwave moment and taking inspiration from Katy's tutorial, I made my own fabric out of ribbon!

I chose my favourite bits of ribbon and lace in a cream, gold, green and pink theme.  I really like how it's turned out!

I cut my base fabric out (a cream cotton I had lining around) and then lined the ribbons up on it until I'd covered it.  I debated a plain back but decided I might as well make two panels of ribbons.

I then stitched the ribbons down, one at a time until I was all done.  Then I made the bag up same as usual.

I lined it with some cream lining fabric that was the first thing to come to hand and then pressed it to make the bulk of the ribbon behave!

I'm really pleased with it and I think it'll make a lovely addition to my handbag for transporting knitting around!

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