Thursday, 16 February 2012

6 Weeks of Stuff!

I've spent the first 6 weeks of this year making stock.  It's been a pretty interesting experience.  I've learnt a lot about what I like to sew and what I dislike sewing.  I've also worked out how much sewing I can do in a day before I keel over and exactly why it's a bad idea to prioritise sewing over everything else.  Still, I shouldn't have that level of stress/panic again and hopefully it will all be great when we head of to trade in 6 weeks time!

So, what did I make?  Well, this time round accessories mostly.  Belt pouches, bunting, other little pouches and sewing rolls.  I also made some chemises and a few skirts.  Oh and chair covers and our banner!

I know I've used this pic before, but it's the only one I have of the banner!

I still think it's a pretty good copy of our logo and I did it all by pinning and stitching.  No bondaweb or drawing it out first!

Pocket rolls!

So far I've sold only one of these, but I'm not quite willing to give up on them yet!  Plus we've got ideas for bag variations, so watch this space...

 Reasonably certain I've shown you plenty of bunting before!  Some of these have rectangular flags instead of triangular, but that's pretty much it really!

I did enjoy making the chemises!

So sad I don't have any more of this trim

These were made to my usual pattern, but I shortened it a bit (I'm tall).  The only thing I'd change is making sure I have the right colour of over locking thread in future.  Over locking is so much easier than flat felling seams!

The skirts are simple elasticated waist knee length skirts.  I do like the trim on the brown one though!  I'm probably going to run up a few more skirts in different lengths I think...

Chair covers!

These got a fair amount of interest but no sales.  That said I still think I'm going to do some in different colours.  They're a quick sew and the theory is poly cotton might sell well.  So we'll see...

As you can see, I experimented and made a variety of pouches!  I like the drawstring ones best.

Normal service will resume on Monday when I'll show the one piece of larp kit I did make myself!

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