Monday, 20 February 2012

Eylish Elder Kit

I got given an NPC role the other week, which thrilled me.  For several reasons - Anastasia is the mother of one of the main NPCs for the campaign, she's hardcore (oh so very hardcore), she's a class I'm interested in playing as a character at a future date and above all she was just...  Well just.  Me! 

I loved the concept and as usually happens this set my creativity whirring and I commenced the search for the perfect kit.  I do actually have some lovely leather armour that would have been great for her, but it was a chilly day and I worried about being cold.  Looks are important, but I'm always going to put personal comfort first.

So instead I dreamt up a jacket.  The original thought was to make the whole thing in fleece and not lined.  This would have been quick and easy and doable in the 2 hours I had set aside for it.  Sadly for me the fleece I was intending to use seems to have vanished from my stash.  So I was forced to come up with alternatives...

The body is made out of khaki drill (leftovers from the WITWs map) and the sleeves are made of olive green velvet (never made into anything, I messed up the cutting of this fabric a long while ago). The patches are fleece and felt and it needs many more, but I fell asleep stitching them on so gave up.

The jacket is lined in black fleece.  It has triangular panels in the sides and flares out over my hips.  It doesn't have any fastenings as I originally wore it with a scarf and belt.

The best bit about it, as far as I'm concerned is that it's reversible!  I didn't mean for that but it is and I'm really pleased as that makes it into a pretty good monster jacket.  Green side out for scouty types or shambling mounds etc, black side out for all other encounters!

 It's also very warm and snuggly.  Oh and I got a bonus point for it.  All in all, not bad for 4 hours work!

My main sewing machine has been in the shop this past week, so I've dragged out the trusty hand crank Singer and made a lap quilt.  I'll show you that on Thursday.  So long!

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