Monday, 13 February 2012

Back again!

Hullo again!  Did you miss me last week?  I'm sorry if you did, but fear not for I am back now and have a new batch of photos to share!  Which is lucky as the over locker is just back from the shop and the sewing machine is going in today...  I'm so lucky to have a good, reasonably priced, local machine repair shop!

So yes, this weekend we attended the Foreign Fields LARP Kit Fair.  It was scary and a little bit stressful.  I was really worried we wouldn't have enough stuff, that or things wouldn't be up to standard, that no-one would want to buy anything...  And whilst we may not have sold as much as I wanted I'm happy to say I was completely wrong with the other two fears! 

Today I'm going to show you the pictures of our stall I managed to take and on Thursday I'll show off some of my stock in a little more detail.

Far from not having enough stuff, we could have done with a bit more table space to display it all...

Everything is improved by bunting!

Kenda toys!

I'm really quite pleased with this banner!
On Thursday I'll share photos in more detail.  Have a good week until then!

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