Monday, 31 October 2011

Winter In The Willows - The Knife Winter

I went larping this weekend.  Yes, I know I larp every weekend.  Not the point!  This weekend was a camping event and there hasn't been a Winter in the Willows event for a year so it was really nice to see everyone again!

Now this is relevant to this blog because on and off for the best part of this year I've been working on a special sewing project for witws.  The game world is a well documented map and much of the game is spent plotting things with map references.  So I made our group a giant fabric version.

Now sadly our group were plagued by disasters and so only 3 of us managed to go.  So I lent the map to the ref crew who used it as a prop in the NPC stoat tent for the weekend. Want to see?


The main backing fabrics are appliqued onto a poly cotton sheet, then I machine embroidered detail onto the 'Wild Wood' areas and the 'London That Was' areas.  The map is attached to the drill backing by the ribbon grid (which was the worst bit to sew) and then I hemmed it, added tape ties and pockets.  I finished it by hand embroidering the grid references.

It was a long sew and at times I had to leave it alone to think about it seeing as I simply could not work out how to do what i wanted, but in the end I'm very pleased with it.  it was complimented and well received by the ref team so I'm happy.  Next witws event though I'm hoping you'll find it in my groups tent...

Check back on Thursday for aprons and bunting!

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