Monday, 24 October 2011

It's All About the Healer

No purple robe this week, the recipient has been poorly so I don't have photos of it in all it's glory yet.  Instead I thought I'd show off the other character kit from this year that I've made.  Healers are important in a larp, mostly 'cos it's good to know who can pick you up again when you've been dropped so visibility is a must!

Not hugely exciting yet I know.  The shirt is his under layer and can be summarized as basic black larp shirt.  I quite like the cuff buttons though.  I used cotton for the shirt and the pattern is Butterick 4486.  I think I might want to make myself a couple of these actually, they look comfy and baggy enough to be able to hide a thin jumper underneath which is always good as the weather gets colder... 

However, I digress.  The main item of his kit that I wanted to show is his over-robe/surcoat thing.

 It's adapted from the frock coat pattern (simplicity 2333) and is unlined.  It's made of white cotton drill and the buttons gave me trouble as they were too big for my automatic buttonhole foot...

The back has an appliqued design which is the life temple symbol and I just love as I think it makes the whole thing look fabulous.  Plus you instantly recognise the character which is handy as I was saying earlier...

It's made of plain yellow cotton and was fiddly to cut to size but after that plain sailing.

Thursday's offering is likely to be bunting and a larp take on a Willi costume.  Catch you then!

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