Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wedding Anniversaries and Frock Coats...

So, way back in May it was my second wedding anniversary.  For those of you not in the know that's cotton.  My husband is a wonderful man and my present was fabric!  The piece of fabric I'm particularly thinking of is the dark green cotton velvet.  Just enough to make a frock coat out of. :)

So I dug out my patterns, rooted through for the frock coat one, made it up and then...  Well nothing.  I had no use for a frock coat at the time and I certainly wasn't planning on giving this one away to anyone else!  Luckily for me however an evil campaign was devised and I created and anarchy priestess out of little used bits and bobs.  She wears a green and black brocade under bust corset (from corsets uk I think), a shirt picked up from a costume shop in a hurry and originally used by my guard, black mens combat trousers (Burtons) and my lovely frock coat. 

Photos on location no less!

Angels kit in full

I love the yellow lining!

The trim is a chiffon ribbon

I love this coat!

The green and the yellow work really well together to make a coat that feels 'evil' but not traditionally so.  I'm debating a jaunty green hat to add to this outfit I must admit though...

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