Thursday, 27 October 2011


How did life get so busy?  And how did I forget to take bunting photos again?  Super quick post today as I'm so bogged under with jobs I'm not convinced sleep is going to happen tonight...

So here you have the Willi kit.  Our Willi's weren't quite like the original ballet ones.  They got tweaked to be sacrifices to a nature god that had been hanging around for a long time (hundred plus years?).  bad news for the party was that they'd been corrupted so were nasty.  As I recall they dealt with us pretty well though and we had a lot of fun doing our little ballet routine and skipping around the place.  Quick note though - don't wear ballet shoes and try to larp.  It's a lot harder than we thought it would be!

Recognise the cape?
I clearly have a thing for rainbow fabric...

Don't wear tartan corsets and cheap white vest tops
A vile photo, sorry...

Anyhow, I'm possibly away to larp for the weekend, so I'll catch you all next week.  Who likes applique? :D

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