Monday, 17 October 2011

My New Toy

As some of you may have guessed and a fair few of you already knew I have a new toy.  Actually I've had it for a good few months now and I'm slowly getting to grips with it.  Yes, it's my overlocker!

Threading it is...  Tricky!
Another present from my amazing Gran, this originally went to my mother, but luckily for me she didn't find the time to learn how to use it so I got it.

I now have 4 different colours to thread it with (black, white, navy and red) and the more I use it the more I love it.  It gives my sewing a very 'professional' air and means I can stop seams fraying with very little effort.

Rainbows coat was made with it and today I thought I'd share a couple of other bits that feature overlocked seams.

First up - arm warmers.  These were made when I was in an experimental mood so I pinned the fleece around my arms, cut it to size and whizzed the overlocker along the edges.  I then decided they were too plain and added felt stars.  I have to admit, I love these and have worn them frequently!  The perfect addition to a half length sleeve top when I'm not quite chilly enough for a jumper.

Fleece blankets are snuggly!
So nice to have the sun shining in!

The colours in this pic are a bit muted, sorry

This was made from left over Rainbow coat material for my step-daughter, who has been very patiently waiting for a blanket of one sort or another to be made for a while now.  It was a very quick sew as I pinned it together every which way, ran it through the sewing machine then tidied it up with the overlocker.  I think it's popular - it got whisked off the bed and curled up in on the sofa all day before being dragged back to bed in the evening!

So there you have it - overlockers are awesome!  Check back on Thursday if you'd like to see a larp shirt :)

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