Monday, 10 October 2011


Well, I'm back.  Sorry for dropping of the radar for so many months, first one thing then another got in the way and then I was just out of the habit of blogging.  But I've taken a few photos of the bits and pieces I've been up to (might have stopped writing, but nothing stops me sewing) and I'm hoping to start again and show off all my projects from this year!

I'm starting with my most recent makes.  Sunday just gone saw the start of the new BLADES campaign which can only mean one thing - yep new character kit!  This year I am playing one half of a scatty mage pair.  And I was lucky enough to be given free reign over the kit designing process...

Wizards Rainbow and Monochrome.

So, as soon as we'd decided to play mages I knew I had found the perfect use for the two metres of rainbow satin I had and very quickly after that Rainbow was born.

She has a rainbow satin dress (that I made with vogue pattern 8648 ), a stripey top (charity shop find) the loudest pair of tights I had in my collection (H&M I think..), stripey leg warmers (good ol' H&M again), rainbow crocheted gloves (that I made myself, working it out as I went along) and a rainbow fleece coat with a quilted cotton lining (pattern worked out by yours truly, inspired by

The gloves - I love the ruffles!

My mad coat and the slightly less mad cloak.
Everything minus the coat

My poor long suffering friend (who shall remain nameless in return for letting my post these photos!)  is my opposite and yet not.  So whilst Rainbow has a love of all colours Monochrome does not.  And seeing as he's daft/kind enough to let Rainbow do the clothes shopping, well he ended up in black and white.  Because that's what you get for people who don't like pretty colours, right?

I made him a top (my own design), an over sized tabbard, crocheted gloves (one black, one white but for reasons best know to no-one I failed to take a picture of them, sorry), a fleece cloak and a hat.

Mighty Monochrome! :P

My beloved 'twin' is as daft as I am!
My hood - how cute is the pompom?!
So there you go.  Two mad mages!  Watch this space though, as Ultra-Violet might join the party and I'm hoping for and Infra-Red as well...

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