Monday, 23 April 2012

My Weekend

Was busy!  We went off to our first event of the year for my local larp group and I played Katrin and Rose.

Katrin had the trousers I showed off in my last post.  They held up to the rigours of larp reasonably well, but I think the waist elastic needs tightening a bit more. Trousers with a tendency to fall down over time are not useful under several layers of armour!

Rose also had a new frock.  I've actually had this one in the cupboard for a couple of years now but it was it's first wearing on a larp (originally having been made for a murder mystery party).

This is made to the same pattern as the brown dress (and was the prequel in fact, to the brown dress).  It has rosebuds on the sleeves and is very pretty, but perhaps not technically brilliant!

I also made the green tunic.  I made Andy an original tunic for Caled shortly after I started larp and was quite recently back to the whole sewing malarkey.  It's served its purpose, but wasn't pretty or well made and the fabric was an itchy non cotton, so when Andy asked nicely for a new one how could I refuse?

 I also managed to get him to agree to collar embroideries.  The pattern is meant to represent Rose and Caled (seeing as IC it was made by Rose).  It;s just a simple back stitch but I do like how it's turned out!
Yes I am faintly green.  It's a long story!
So yes, in spite of  the weather we had a lovely time!  This week I shall be mending (a commission), finishing a top I started in January and working on a new spring coat.  This mean with any luck I should be back to the Monday and Thursday schedule for a little while again.  I'm also busy dreaming up steampunk pretties I want to make.  Too many ideas, not enough time!

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