Thursday, 19 April 2012

Trousers In A Day...

Well, more or less.  I did redo the waistband today.  But yes, I made a pair of trousers yesterday!  My first attempt at a pattern for trousers for me!

 The pattern is New Look 6005 and I used cotton drill fabric.  I'm not completely happy with them, but pretty thrilled for a first go run up quite quickly!

The combat pockets on the side took almost the same amount of time as the rest of the trousers in total.  But I'm loving how they look.

These are for Katrin my guard, as I ripped a hole in her old trousers.  I'll be testing them this weekend as we are off for our first long event of the year.  I've also made her a new tabbed, but as it's more or less identical to the old one I haven't bothered to photograph it.

I should hopefully have an old dress and a new tunic to show on Monday.  See you then!

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