Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cthulu Hoodie

Slightly early post due to the fact we're off on a little trip tomorrow until Saturday!  I've made a few of these now (what does it say about my friends that they all want to be cthulu?!), but as this is the neatest one to date I thought it could be the one I shared with the world!

These are ridiculously easy to make.  I took the pattern from an old fleece jumper of mine for the body.  Once I'd made the body I added a pocket to the front (on this version anyway).

The hood is huge.  I know you can fit two people's heads inside it and I reckon three wouldn't be out of the question!  It's a kind of bulging at the back shape, which is much easier to see when someone is inside it, sorry!

I then added the appliqued wiggly bit to the hood and stitched a load of 'tentacles' onto the hood edge.

A couple of toy safety eyes later and ta-daa!  One eldritch horror in hoodie form!

Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to Wales.  Next week I shall show you a few more bags (yes I'm still into making bags) and a bandage bandolier!

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