Friday, 15 March 2013

Fur Tabard

Rose has recently taken to wearing armour.  It's not a lot and it's as much for warmth as anything (fun fact, fleece cloaks do not do enough aginst bitterly cold wind chill).  However up until very recently she's been borrowing Caled's armour, only when Caled and Rose appear at the same time that means there isn't enough armour to go around...  So I made her some!

This is her tabard, the  outside is fake fur (imitation poodle I believe) and it's lined with green cotton (because that's that I had to hand at the time).  Please excuse the slight randomness of this photo.  It was meant to be the one showing just the lining.  However, blogger is having a temper tantrum and refusing to let me upload the photo of just the tabard.

I've been wanting a bandage bandolier for a while now.  Thing is, the colours you can buy them in seem to be limited to brown and black.  Not really what I had in mind.  So I founs the very last scraps of the green faux suede I made Roses orginal kit out of and ran up one of my own!

It's fastened with a green cotton ribbon, that I think I picked up as part of a charity shop bundle!

Next week I have some little heart things to show and some of my christmas makes.  I've been sewing shirts this week, but I don't want to put them on here until their intended wearer has hold of them!

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