Monday, 11 March 2013

It's all about the bags!

Yesterday was Mothers Day and naturally a good opportunity to send my mother a little something!  A friend suggested a shopping bag and it seemed like the very thing so I dived into my stash to find some mum friendly fabric.

And there I hit a slight snag, as I didn't have a single piece big enough in colours my mum likes (we have very different colour preferences).  So I made a patchwork creation!

 I embroidered the patch on a scrap of green linen.  The brighter red is faux wool, the darker red is cotton drill.  The plaid is a soft brushed cotton and the handles are also cotton.

 The back has a smidge of yellow at the top, mostly to be different to the front!  The dimensions are loosely based on a reusable shopping bag I already own and love.

It's lined with a slightly different yellow cotton and red cotton.  I'm pleased to report that Mum likes it and has decided it will be a work bag as she doesn't want to spoil it by carrying shopping in it.

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