Monday, 4 March 2013

New Blanket

It's all about the blankets in this house at this time of year!  I do wish it would hurry up and become spring properly (I can hear the garden calling and I have a little green house that needs setting up), but until then I do at least have a lovely new blanket to snuggle under.

 As you can see, I totally failed to get pictures before this blanket got put into action!  The squares are from various fat quarters I have picked up here and there with plans for a new blanket.

The sashing it around the blocks is a printed cotton that we picked up in London last year.  I originally had plans to make it into a skirt for dancing, but it was the perfect choice for this quilt instead!

I have been reading a fair few quilting blogs recently and I came across this method of finishing the quilt by tieing it and I wanted to try it out!  It takes a lot longer than stitching in the ditch machine quilting.  Or maybe that's just because I do my hand sewing in front of the tv?

As it's eventual destination is the pile of camping blankets it's backed with a thickish cotton wadding and beige fleece.  I do not like beige as a colour usually, but for this blanket it was the perfect choice.

In the mean time we now have a lovely bedspread and I need to get on and tidy the bedroom to match the quilt!

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