Thursday, 16 May 2013

The best laid plans...

Sometimes go awry.  As mine did recently.  Larp is a contact sport, which means occasionally people get injured.  Unluckily for me I fell into this small category recently and am working my way through an eye injury.  I'm fine (no really Gran/Mum/all relations) but it's taking a little while to get over. 

This has had two effects on my crafting.  One, I am working a lot slower right now as I need more breaks when my eye gets tired.   It's also meant that updating here has been less of a priority as there's a limit to the amount of screen time I can cope with as well.  Two, any projects with embroidery in them have been curtailed, in fact, hand sewing of any kind is hard right now.  It involves squinting and lots of bad language so I'm trying to avoid it where possible!

However - I have been sewing, mostly for a wedding and on Monday I plan to bombard you all with pictures of my efforts!  In the meantime have a picture of Eirlys' kit that she wears under the coat!

I made the linen tunic and the cotton trousers.  Both to my own pattern and designed so I can add under layers at need.

One last thing - is it worth me making a facebook page for this blog?

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