Friday, 24 May 2013

Wedding Kit Continued!

I didn't just make the groom coat for the wedding.  I ran up a couple of capes, to keep myself and one of the other bridesmaids warm, sewed surprise bunting and got to indulge in my less used skills of flower arranging and hairdressing.

 The capes are brown boiled wool and lined with some leftover green polyester lining.  They were trimmed, mine in green and the other bridesmaid had gold.

All three bridesmaids

 I also made the little posies we're carrying.  Flower-wise this was a simple wedding.  For the wedding we each carried a posy and the bride had a bouquet.  For the hand fasting the bride had a slightly bigger bouquet (it needed to be throwable).

Wedding bouquet
Hand fasting bouquet.

 The bouquets were broom, jasmine, ivy, rosemary and bay.  I was quite pleased with them and they smelt wonderful!

The surprise bunting was so called because the groom didn't know about it!  Until we told him about it the day before the hand fasting anyway.  We used it to decorate the woodland glade where the ceremony took place and all the fabric was from the brides stash!

 Lastly, I did the other bridesmaids hair and the brides hair!  I am so much better at doing other peoples hair than my own, but I don't get to play as much as I'd like!

So, there you have it.  A month or so's activities ending in a truly wonderful coupe of weekends!  I've had a week of sewing and instead have been crocheting.  On Monday I hope to have a few makes to show you and a review of thing I was given the other day!

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  1. It was all so pretty - the capes especially were awesome. You did good, kitten. x


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