Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yarn Bowl

I have a yarn bowl.  I am more than a little bit in love with it!  In case you (like me up until very recently) don't know what a yarn bowl is, it's a bowl with a notch out of the side of it.  You put your yarn in the bowl, run it through the notch and then knit or crochet as normal, only now your ball of yarn doesn't run away when you tug on it.

Such a good idea!  The person who invented them is a genius!  It's such a simple thing but it really does make a difference and I've really enjoyed my crochet this week because of it.  However, enough of general blether about yarn bowls, I am going to show mine off!

 Isn't it gorgeous?! I really do love it so very, very much!  Green is my favourite colour anyway but this is a particularly lovely green and it's smooth and shiny and beautiful. Using the bowl I've noticed an improvement with my tension and I crochet faster because I do normally have a habit of jerking the yarn and sending the ball flying across the room...

It was made by Em who makes many lovely pottery things (I am particularly in love with her buttons).  Her website is here and she is going to have a stall at the Bath Contemporary Art & Craft Market on Sat 1st of June, so if you are in this part of the world please do go along and see her stuff!
Bath Contemporary Art & Craft Market

Some pictures of me enjoying crafting in the garden.  I may partly be showing off my newly tended garden as well! 

I'm playing with different crochet 'granny squares' at the moment, having treated myself to a few balls of Debbie Bliss Eco-Baby.  I have come to the conclusion that I love how cotton yarn looks when it's done, but that I hate working with it.  Worth persevering for the finished prettiness though!

As this has been a longish post I'm going to stop talking for now and on Friday I will show off the big crochet thing that (thanks to yarn bowl and the enthusaism that stems from having it) got finished last week!

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