Monday, 21 October 2013

A Coat For a GM!

As I might have mentioned, I'm half of the GM team for our local larps campaign this year.  My co-GM decided he needed a new coat to wear whilst GMing.

I'm very proud of this, mostly because just about everyone has assumed he bought it from a shop, so clearly it looks professional!

 The pattern is Folkwear's Australian Drovers Coat.  Can I just say how nice Folkwear patterns are?  Good, clear instructions, lovely pattern pieces and they are lovely sews with enough to keep them interesting without being frustrating.

The fabric was sourced by my co-GM and is waterproof, as is the reflective tape.  The tape was the trickiest bit of the whole project  and is placed in order to conform to some industry standard in case he also wants to wear his coat on site for his job.

 It's lined with a quilted lining fabric and has 17 poppers (stitched on by hand and good grief that was not fun!).

Over all though, it was a really good sew and I have enough left over fabric to make a jacket for me so watch this space!

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