Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ally Pally: THe Knitting and Stitching Show!

Going slightly off topic here, but I wanted to tell you about the fabulous day out I had on Saturday.  And apologise as I was a rubbish blogger and failed to take any pictures! I might have been to busy going 'Ooooh!' at every thing....

So, we left the South West at 9am (quick note, if you have small children and you take them on the train, please, for the love of all that's holy do NOT let them play on the edge of the platform. I was having kittens!) and caught a train up to Waterloo, hopped on a tube (just) and travelled round to Finnsbury Park.  There we had a small blip as the 12:17 was seriously delayed and the 12:36 didn't turn up, so we ended up on the 12.47, nevertheless we eventually made it to Alexandra Palace Station and walked the last half mile up hill (I may have been a fetching shade of puce by that point).

Once inside we met my mum and my gran briefly, before agreeing to meet them again for afternoon tea at 3 (which we had tickets for).  My friend and I then went inside and met her mother in law (who's lovely and it was a real pleasure to meet her) and headed tot he main hall.  We spent a blissful hour wandering round and oohing and aahing over everything, then it was time for me to go and have tea so I headed to the tea room to meet my mum and gran.

Afternoon tea was wonderful!  There were delicious sandwiches (I was grownup and had egg mayo even though I don't usually like it, but I did draw the line at salmon - euw!), lovely fruit tarts, tiny, gorgeous macaroons and fruit scones to finish it off.  We had a good natter and I got to show mum and gran pictures of my latest makes and the small recipient of the baby clothes I made the other week.

Then, the three of us headed back to shop some more!  Shopping with my mum and gran is brilliant, as they both know loads about fabric and yarn.  Between us we found some wonderful things!

Then, after they went my friend and I had a last wander, before heading off to Waterloo, grabbing a quick dinner and hopping back on the train (where we statted an NPC.  I say we, I mean she did... :P).

Want to see what I bought?  I hope you do!

This is lovely, soft baby alpaca yarn from Eden Cottage Yarns who had a gorgeous stool covered in beautiful things!  I as hooked from the moment I saw this yarn and I've already cast on!

Yay, goldwork!  I've wanted to try this for a while and there were a fair few stalls with lovely examples to ooh over.  I struggled, but eventually decided on this kit as it's my fave flower (a rose) and looks like it should be simple enough to do, so good eyesight practice.  This kit is made by Carolyn Gayton who was so lovely (and seemed so very surprised to have her kits praised).  I'm very much looking forward to working on it.

These are from Oliver Twist and are so lovely to hold!  The three on the left are ribbon (for embroidery) and the one on the right is embroidery thread, which I got with a view to making Dorset buttons.  There were also all a gift from my mum.  Thanks Mum!

 These are gorgeous hair clips from Poppy Daisy.  I plan to use them for seasonal druid kit, though they are so very pretty that I may use them just for me.

And this is the entirety of my haul, the bit I haven't talked about (and is obscured) is going to be made into a present for someone!  So, that's the lot.  Next week I shall show you the large project I worked on!


  1. Isn't Eden Cottage yarn scrumptious? I got some of their lace weight and fingering weight at Yarndale.
    Must coordinate our shows next year so we can go to one together

    1. It's gorgeous! I'm really struggling to put my knitting down and get on with boring things like house work... Also, I'm trying to presuade Mum that if Yarndale happens again we should go there next :D


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