Monday, 28 October 2013

A Knitted Thing!

Going slightly of the topic of kit sewing again.  As I'm sure it's been previously mentioned on this blog I'm not a very good knitter.  That said, I do dearly love hand knitted things (one of my many life goals is to own a pair of hand knit socks) so I keep trying knitting to improve my skills. 

At the moment I am involved in a 'knit-a-long'  it's a very small knit-a-long as it's just me and the lovely Amydextrous who also gets frustrated with knitting and like me, is often happy to discard a knitting project half way through.  So we decided that we would have a little knit-a-long of our own and see if we could encourage each other to finish a few things.  We picked 3 patterns that we loved the look off, were slightly challenging, but not too scary and went in search of yarn.

You've seen my yarn as it was part of my haul from the knitting and stitching show.  We cast on last week and we have both really enjoyed ourselves!  We have actually finished two of our items and tonight we will be casting on for a third, but as we agreed I'd only show them off when we have pics of us in them together today you only get to see the first thing we made.

Without further blathering here are our cowls!


 The pattern is Leaving on the Edge and was a very fun knit.  Also, I am still in love with the soft snuggliness of my Eden Cottage yarn!

And the back view!

I think, if I were going to make this again, I'd find out how to make button holes and make it button up rather than sewing it up.  However, at the moment I'm not good enough at knitting to know how to change patterns around!

Unflattering mugshot!
Amy looking way better than me!

That said, it's very pretty, I can only spot one mistake in it (and I only saw that after I'd knitted another 10 rows and I didn't have the heart to rip back and fix it) and most importantly, it's lovely and warm!

Next week I shall show you our fingerless gloves and let you know how the hats are coming along!  On Thursday though, I have a very frilly shirt to show off.

Oh yes, and if you want to see my other knitting projects my Ravelry name is Luthaisea, possibly unsurprisingly...

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